Are you a business owner thinking:

I’m working like a dog, but not making the money to prove it.

I keep thinking things will change, but they aren’t.

I can’t do everything, but what can I let go of? 

When a client came to me worried that she would need to get a j-o-b to make her payroll, I found her an additional $2000/month in recurring income – just by tweaking something she was already doing.

Like most business owners, I used to get stressed every time I took some time off. Now I take 4-6 vacations a year and am having my best year ever.  You may not want to travel like I do, but I’ll bet you would like more time with family, hobbies, or even the fun parts of your business. I help my clients create a sane schedule that allows them the ability to do that.

I offer more than just one-to-one coaching; I also offer products and mini-courses for people who would rather ‘DIY’.

If you are a business owner ready for a year where you make more money and never say “I have no free time!”, schedule a free call to explore if we are a good fit.

There’s a secret that will transform your business AND give you more free time:

You’ll get the most out of working with me if:

  • You are an established solopreneur/small business owner with 5 or fewer employees.
  • You realize that the way you’ve been doing things just isn’t working anymore and you’re open to trying something new.
  • Your business is in a growth phase – or you want to lay the foundation for growth.
  • You are willing to invest time and money to create lasting change in your business.

If this describes YOU, contact me to discuss how we can work together.

I work with clients in many locations via phone or Skype.