Client Testimonials

“Maura’s services are invaluable. The company I worked for hired her, on my recommendation, to coach an entire department and get them organized. The results were dramatic! It is amazing how someone else can see what we obviously miss. I would definitely hire her again.”
Shirley Lorraine, Spencer/Lorraine Entertainment

“A true wizard of time management or business organization. She coaches businesses and transforms chaos & clutter to smooth and efficient systems.”
Carmina McGee, MS, RD

“Before Maura’s help, I was stressing daily on how to manage the three biggest time consuming aspects of my day: email, projects and tasks.

Now, I only check and write email twice a day with no stress; I can accurately identify between a task and a project and manage their completion more easily.”
HR Manager

“You brought to the forefront some excellent and basic ideas which I have already implemented. I just finished deleting approximately 100 emails from my basic inbox, several hundred from miscellaneous folders and several folders. THANKS!”
Jeffrey Davidson,, after attending our “Working Simply in a 24/7 World” seminar

“Last week I had a meeting with the County Superintendent of Schools; everything I needed was in one folder. I was able to use the time [I usually spend finding the materials I need] to plan how to frame key issues.”
Elected Official

Case Studies

Client One:
Owner of a growing business with several employees. He called because office efficiency was way down, he was overwhelmed with his task list, and felt that he was “spinning my wheels a large part of the day”.

It was obvious when I did an assessment that a large part of the problem was a lack of delegation. For instance, although he had an office manager, the owner still approved the weekly supply order. At first, he resisted my suggested list of tasks he could delegate. However, once we discussed ways to mitigate his fears [such as giving the office manager the authority to approve weekly supply orders under a set dollar limit], he was able to delegate many tasks and spend his time focusing on building the business, rather than the administrative tasks. The owner confided “[Your services] are the best investment I’ve ever made”

Client Two:
Finance Department of a large non-profit. Staffing had remained level, although the workload had increased 30% over the last 18 months. This was having a negative impact on morale, according to a survey conducted by the department manager. Due to budget constraints, staffing could not increase, but the CFO decided to bring me in to give the staff skills to help them handle the added work with less stress.

I performed a pre-program assessment, walking through the department, talking to people to understand their concerns, and taking pictures of the workspaces. Those pictures were incorporated into a fun, targeted and highly interactive presentation in which the entire department participated in learning how to analyze their workspace and how to make continuous improvement in their personal productivity.

From the CFO:
“We really enjoyed your presentation, especially the pictures of people’s offices. I took notes of the many great suggestions that you gave our staff. We already have staff making changes, including myself!”

Client Three:
A bank branch manager often still at work at 8:30 pm Friday night. “My office is closing in on me. That’s why I’m here at this time; I’m trying to dig myself out before I go home for the weekend. I just cannot leave it the way it is.”

Results (2 months later):
•“Maura showed me how to streamline a monthly process that used to take me three and a half hours (and that I often lugged home) to just half an hour.”
• “I wasn’t stressed preparing to leave on vacation, since others could now easily find important info in my office without me spending lots of time organizing it.”