Time Blocking: An Amazing Tool to Control Your Schedule

You missed the teleclass, but I’ve made it even better by creating a video mini-course where I show you…

checkmark-red How to get laser focus in your business and achieve your big goals faster and easier.

checkmark-red How to determine if your strongest desire is more $$$ or more time – and how to get it.

checkmark-red How to create a 50% increase in your personal productivity.

checkmark-red How to use time-blocking as a tool to control your schedule and grow your income.


Maura Raffensperger is Your Chief Simplicity Officer, and her passion is helping other business owners learn how to work as the CEO, not the secretary, of their business.

Here’s how one client describes her services:

“A true wizard of time management or business organization. She coaches businesses and transforms chaos & clutter to smooth and efficient systems.”