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Rafflecopter has crunched the data from 50,000,000 giveaway entires to answer the question “When do giveaways receive the most entries?”  If you have considered a raffle giveaway as a way to promote your business, their infographic below is a great resource.

One of my goals this year is to increase the size of my mailing list. I’m experimenting with different ways to do this. Running an online raffle is what I’ll be trying this month. A search for giveaway tools gave me a few options; Rafflecopter is the giveaway tool I chose.

It’s important to choose a giveaway that will appeal to your target market, yet not be so generally appealing that people enter the raffle (and your mailing list) with no interest in your product or service. If you have written a book, offering a copy of it as your raffle prize is ideal , because the people who enter the raffle are obviously interested in your subject.

One of the features I like most about Rafflecopter is that you can have multiple ways for someone to enter, and you can assign points for each entry. My plan is to give points for blog comments and liking my Facebook page, for instance. But what I really want to test is the ‘viral sharing’ feature, which allows me to offer points if someone shares the raffle link on their social media profiles. This is where I see a potential for list growth.

The Rafflecopter blog suggests that running a giveaway for a month seems to work best. I’ll write a review of how well Rafflecopter worked as a giveaway tool when the month is up.

Courtesy of: Rafflecopter


  1. Krithika Rangarajan says:

    Hey Maura

    I plan to launch a new website sometime before zombies strike! hehe In all seriousness, I hope to get it up and running by May end. I have never had an Email Marketing list, and I believe this Raffle Giveaway is a great idea to target the right audience.

    Offering a product that befits your brand is a WONDERFUL technique to ensure that you attract the ‘right’ readers.

    LOVED your tip, dear #HUGS

    BEST wishes

  2. Interesting statistics. Never heard of raffle copter before, so thank you for sharing Maura.

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