Incredibly Easy Mind Map Software & App

I have found a new mind map software which is very easy and intuitive. If you have tried mind map software and given up because it was easier to go back to paper and pencil, you need to look at SimpleMind Creating a mind map is a great way to organize your ideas quickly, or even describe a process as an easy-to-follow visual.
If you’re not sure what a mind map looks like, there is a picture below, as well as a short video I created to show you just how easy it is to create a mind map using SimpleMind. In the video, I create a mind map to organize my thoughts in preparation for a phone call to my Virtual Assistant.

What I love is that there is a free app for the iPhone, iPad, and android; and it is as simple as tapping the screen to create the nodes of the mind map. You don’t need to have the desktop version to use the free app, but if you do have the desktop version, you can sync from your iPhone to your desktop and visa versa. You can print your mind maps from your computer to save after you create them, in case you choose not to pay when the 30 days are up.
The desktop version costs about $35 [it’s priced at 24 Euros; I’ve converted the price to US dollars at today’s exchange rate], but they have a free 30 day trial, so check it out. There is a version for both the PC and the Mac.


  1. Hi Maura,
    I’ve only tried mind map software once, and did go back to paper. This one looks awesome and easy and I’m going to get the app pronto! Thanks for the demo via video.

  2. Never heard of this before… very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    Saw this at UBC comment chain

  3. LOVE mind mapping. I use another software, however going to check this one out. How awesome that is syncs with your iPhone. Thank you for sharing another great resource!

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