Joint Ventures & Partnering

Joint Partnership guidelinesA Winning Partnership

Joint ventures must be a win for you, me, and a win for our shared audience.

Do Your Homework

Do your research and know about me and my business before you approach. Be sure I’m not already offering something similar to what you’re proposing. You can get to know me by reading my blog, checking out my services, and looking over my products.

Understand My Audience

My audience is heavily comprised of busy small business owners. As such, I will only promote products and services that give my audience practical and user-friendly strategies that will help them save time and be profitable.

Your Audience

I require you to have a responsive list of at least 3,000 small business owners. For teleseminars, you can gather a large audience (at least 100). For pre-recorded interviews, it must reach 1,000 people.

Provide A High Value

Your offer must be business related and provides high value to my audience. Please do not simply say, “Everyone could use this.” Explain how this will benefit my audience of small business owners to achieve their goals.

Social Media Expertise

You must be well versed in social media and online marketing tools. And you must use these tools responsibly –no overly promotional messaging and spamming.

Excellent Sales Copy And Web Presence

You must have well written sales copy, a professional looking website, and an overall credible reputation. Please know that my reputation is at stake if I recommend my audience something that is not credible or professional.

Our Values Match

You must be mission driven. How will your offer positively impact other people’s lives? This is what interests me.

Think Outside The Box

I love creativity! So please take into account the criteria above if you want to brainstorm a joint venture.


If you’d like my endorsement of a product, I MUST review the item first before I tweet, blog or write about it. If you want an endorsement, please contact me with a description of your offer to see if it matches our interest level and schedule. Endorsements are not guaranteed.

Does it sound like we’re a match?

If so, send an email to Maura at with a description of your project and how it addresses the above points. Thanks for taking the effort to make sure we’re a great joint venture!


A tip of my hat to Ivana at DIY Marketing for providing the the idea and template for this page!