Are You Ready to Say ‘Yes’ When Opportunity Knocks?

Say 'Yes' to OpportunitiesHow easy is it to do business with you? Are you putting up obstacles without realizing it? It’s a good idea to ‘be your own customer’ periodically and/or find a way to look at your business as an outsider. Let me give you two eye-opening examples.

I recently co-produced a very successful telesummit* with 21 speakers – over 1100 people registered. The switch for me was I’m used to being the speaker; now I was booking them. My co-host and I sent out invitations to our top choices. When they accepted, we immediately sent them a letter bulleting the 7 things we needed from them, with a deadline:

  1. Headshot
  2. Presentation title
  3. Presentation description (one paragraph)
  4. Outline of presentation (so we could craft our interview questions)
  5. Description of free gift (50-90 characters)
  6. URL where people could download their free gift
  7. Three potential days they were available to be interviewed

Four speakers responded with everything we needed within 24 hours. Everyone else required some degree of follow-up on our part, the majority one more email or call, but a few we were literally still hounding for materials right up to the day of the telesummit. Here’s the kicker: we uploaded material to the telesummit website as we got it, with the first responders having their free gifts listed near the top of the page – and take a guess who generally got the most clicks. Yep, the people at the top of the page.  Why was that important? Because each click on their free gift potentially added a new subscriber to their email list (if they were using a sign-up box to collect emails to deliver that free gift).

The other reason it was important was a collective one – it was much easier to promote the telesummit when we had all the speakers and topics on the site. Every speaker had a vested interest in this, since each speaker was counting on the other speakers to be promoting the telesummit to their personal mailing list, thus reaching many more people collectively than any of us could do alone.

So my co-host and I really appreciated how easy it was to work with the ‘first-responders’; they will definitely be at the top of our list for future projects.

What really separated the first-responders from the rest of the pack was their ability to say ‘yes’.  They could see the value in participating, and they had all their materials ready to send. Or, as I would say, they have a system in place so they can say ‘yes’ quickly and easily. Do you?

Take a look again at items 1-6 above. You need each of these items in place so you are ready to say ‘yes’ the next time you are invited to speak, participate in a telesummit, be interviewed, have a press release sent out, or even to post on social media profiles. If you don’t, schedule time now to get it done. Then get ready to ‘say yes’ when opportunity knocks.

Read the second eye-opening example, and how to take that information to improve your business: They Come They See They Leave: How to improve your bounce rate

*Click here to see the speakers and content that enticed 1100 people to say ‘yes’ (scroll down the page that opens and you can still download each speaker’s free gift)


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