What Hiking Can Teach You About Running a Successful Business

It’s a struggle for me to write a weekly blog post – which is one reason I love it when you comment, and I know something I have shared hit home for you.

For me, just getting into the habit of blog posting weekly was a big step. But, as the terrific infographic below (courtesy of DonCrowther.com)  shows, there is so much more that needs to be done.

However, it’s good to remember that a system does not need to be built all at once. It’s the same ‘one step at a time will get you to the peak (and back again)’ lesson I learned from hiking. Instead of getting overwhelmed, the key is to pick one additional thing to add. Once that is working well, I will return to the infographic and pick another area to add to my blogging process.

I’ve chosen to work first on the ‘On-Page Factors’, because I think I can create a system with my VA to make sure these items are addressed. In fact, after our monthly strategy call this week, she installed Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, which gives you a list of posts and/or pages related to the current entry, introducing the reader to other relevant content on your site. This will be a great help to include a self-referential link on each page.

What will you pick to implement first? Share your commitment in the comments (and help make my day!).

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How To Get To The Top Of The Google Rankings – SEO Infographic - An Infographic from DonCrowther.com

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  1. Your tips are always so informative and helpful. It is amazing how consistent blogging can and will improve your business. 🙂

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