What is in your Promotional Marketing plan this year?

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Promoting your website can be easy if you have a plan. An action plan will help keep you on track and moving forward. Let’s brainstorm some ideas that you can apply to your business depending on your products/services that you offer…

  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Ebooks
  • Teleclass/Webinar
  • Submit your website to website directories
  • Submit your blog to blog directories
  • Submit your podcast feed to podcast directories (including iTunes)

[This is the second in a series of four Sunday guest posts. Thanks to Staci Jansma for today’s article; read more about her at the bottom of this page.] 

Want to make it simple for others to link to you… Create a Link To Us page with text links and graphics others can use. They can grab and go. You could also establish a link exchange directory and trade links with complimentary websites.

Let me walk you through one of the most important pieces that I handle for clients – submitting their press release to directories.

How to Submit to Press Release Directory?

Submitting a press release is similar to article submission.

You will need a headline, summary of the press release, body of the press release, author’s information and keywords.

When I submit press releases, I open an internet browser and sign in to each directory individually and then copy & paste the information. Sometimes you will have to manually type in the information — but for the most part copy & paste.

Before submitting your press release you will want to review the submission guidelines.

Once your press release is submitted it is a waiting process for the site to review your press release. Most importantly, make sure you keep a record of your Press Release Login information and which Press Release was submitted to which directory. Let me walk you through how I keep track of that.

Create Database of Press Release Login Information

I would recommend creating a spreadsheet with easy access to your login information for each press release directory website.

For the spreadsheet I would include:

  • Directory URL address
  • Name of directory
  • Your email address
  • Your username
  • Your password

Managing your Press Releases

Creating a spreadsheet is so helpful for when you are so busy that you forget which directories you are using and which you have submitted your last press release to. With the spreadsheet it can help you manage your releases of when you submitted them and to which sites you submitted to.

For the spreadsheet, I would include:

  • Press Release Title
  • Name of directory
  • Date of Submission
  • Notes

You can use this as a reference for keeping track of who accepts your press release and when.

Meet Staci Jansma

Staci Jansma is dedicated to finding solutions to your technical problems and marketing issues. As a virtual assistant with a business degree and marketing background, she utilizes a combination of tools and techniques geared towards your need for ease, simplicity and speed. You’ll see your technical frustrations evaporate as she addresses your challenges with expertise and experience in WordPress, Squidoo, Facebook, and emerging marketing tools. For more information or to retain her services, visit www.creativevirtualspark.com or www.stacijansma.com.


  1. Lots of great information here that many will find useful I’m sure!

  2. Staci, Thanks for the GREAT article! I’ll make sure to check out the rest of the series. I got some great golden nuggets out of this article to use for future press releases. Thanks again. ~Hobby

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